How Working Moms Can Stay At Home With Their Children

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In today’s shrinking economy people are losing their jobs and are looking for ways to make extra income at home.  With job cuts, lowered wages being offered and with lowered  401 (K) contributions being matched by employers, employees are seeing their incomes shrink. Interestingly their bills are not and this is why we need to look for ways to make extra money.

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Hoe to make extra money?

People can be creative in finding ways to make extra money on the side.  One way of the safest way to make some extra money is joining a network marketing company. Multilevel companies have all the systems in place to help entrepreneurs to work from home and market products or services either through online marketing methods such as social media or through off line methods such as in house party plans or face to face business presentations.  The need to make extra money is so strong today that people are constantly looking and researching companies on the internet for extra legitimate make money ways to make some extra money.

This extra money can help to pay off bills fast and ease the financial burden on the family budget.

Ideas on how to make extra money!

Here are a few other make money on the side tips that can help you:

  • Do freelance work,
  • Sell books that are no longer of value to you – ideal for college students,
  • Search circulating coinage- many folks buy coinage in large rolls and sort through these to find hidden treasures,
  • Start a business- turning a hobby into a profitable venture,
  • Do paid surveys,
  • Sell your junk.

Of all these ideas on how to make extra money, network marketing would be the best for long term residual income. After all we want to work smart and make as much as we can part time. This is one of the main reason why MLM or multilevel marketing is today the safest way to work at home and make extra income.

Ways for students to make extra money!

Students find going through college a daunting task juggling between studies, part time jobs, sporting activities and family.  By finding employment student can help to add to their small or nil stipends and make ends meet. Most students in Australia, US and Canada will take up jobs either at food outlets, restaurants or hotels to pay their way through the college years.

One of the best opportunities to make some serious money during college is to join a reputable network marketing company. These companies have everything in place and by following a proven system you can not only start to earn extra income and make extra money from home but you can be working part time building your own business even before you finish your studies. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Imagine being able to earn extra cash each week just by suggesting products that your company is offering. All you need to do is promote the benefits of these products on or and soon people will be flocking to you to either buy these awesome products or to join your home based business to earn extra money for themselves.

I have found that Network Marketing is ideal for students. All one has to do is treat the network marketing company as one of your course subjects. Learn everything you need to learn about the company, its products and how to market and then start to share the company, its products and the pay plan to your friends. If a student just allocates a total of 10 hours or 5 slots of 2 hours a week to this subject to making some part time income each week to help make money on the side, he or she will soon be making a decent 4 figure income within 8 to 12 weeks.

This is all possible due to the compounding or exponential growth seen only in a network marketing business model. In no other work or business will you see this type of income growth. This is totally legitimate and legal. The only advice I would give you is to do your own due diligence when choosing the network marketing company of your choice. They are many to choose from and there are quite a few very good ones to pick from.

Benefits of Students working part-time with a network marketing company:

  • Students can work part time,
  • They can pick their own hours of work,
  • They can earn much more than a traditional job, with half the effort,
  • They can pay off their HEX Fees faster in Australia. In US or Canada their can pay off their parents’ loans quicker. They may not need to borrow any of the tuition fees as they will be able to save enough each semester to pay the college fees.
  • Successful students may have an option never to work in a traditional job.

Working Moms At Home

Moms are always finding it hard to juggle work, looking after their children, running their homes and being a happy individuals. Most mothers work, leaving their kids at child care centers. These baby care centers are run by casual staff who are just there for the extra income themselves. Some of these workers are not really interested in looking after other peoples children but necessity forces them to do so.

Imagine leaving your child in their formative years in a human kennel run by casual staff who may or may not look after your child as you would at home- loving and caring.

Home based working moms tend to loose a large chunk of their weekly or fortnightly incomes in taxes, transportation, child care fees, eating out expenses and baby sitting fees. This is seen in countries as Australia, Canada and the United States. So how can moms stay at home and still earn enough to pay the bills and be able to be there for their children.

Home Moms vs Working Moms

Home moms can still be a working mom. Working moms at home can easily earn an extra $200 to $400 USD a week by joining a network marketing company. These companies have both the direct selling and network marketing streams of income to enable a mum to earn extra cash from home.  Setting up party plans around the products you are selling will enable a mother to take home some extra money each and every week.

Do you know that most people will support a mom if she wants to stay at home and look after her children. People will buy your products just so that you can be with your kids at home. Make your family, friends and neighbors aware what you are doing and I am sure you will have huge success at you home based business at home. Everyone will want to support and buy from you.

As you get successful enroll the help of other moms in the school or neighborhood to assist you in promoting your products. Most moms will also want to share in your success and be with their kids too. Most companies will have benefits incorporated in the payment schedule to help the extra volume of product movement caused by the moms who work with you to give you bigger income checks. This is what makes network marketing so exciting as you get paid not only for the products you sell but those that your referrals do as well.

Here are some of the benefits of Moms working at home:

  • They can be with their children
  • They can choose their hours
  • They can have flexibility around family and work
  • They can make a little extra income or make a career in their own home based business
  • They can become success business women

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Here are a few tips on how to pick a good MLM company:

  • Look at the company management and look at the vision of the company. How long has it been in business? Is it publicly traded? Is it performing well on the stock market and is it in expansion mode. Expansion means you can earn more cash faster.
  • Look at the products: Are the products consumables and are they at the cutting edge of science. Is the company at the forefront in its industry for the products it manufactures. If its a supplement product, is the nutritional supplements science based.
  • The business plan:   Is the plan fair and easy for the beginner to start making money from week one. Does the compensation plan allow incentives to keep the high income achievers happy in the company. A good company would like to retain as many of its top income earners. These are the leaders of the company and they need to be looked after as well.  A good company will look after both ends of its marketing arm- the new comers as well as its leaders.
  • The timing to join a network marketing company: Always its good to join a MLM company (Direct Selling) at the tipping point of massive growth surge. Anywhere before or after may be too early or too late to exploit god business opportunity growth.
  • Training and support: Look for companies that offer great support both with online and offline platforms.

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