My Story!

Claude Fullinfaw

I am about to share with you the life of an ordinary migrant who had a vision of a life he wanted from a book he had read in his mid teens. Like most people who dream so did Claude Fullinfaw. But unlike most people whose dreams are like cigarette smoke in the wind, Claude knew what he wanted.

When he was growing up he had no role models placed in front of him and found out the hard way. Today he wishes that you save years of your own learning curve by listening or reading about how you may shave years off your own learning curve and succeed faster. We hope you will learn from his story.

Claude Fullinfaw migrated to Brisbane, Australia in 1984 with just 18 dollars in his pocket as a young migrant from India. Getting off the British Airways plane in the wee hours of late October and breathing the few spring air of Queensland was so sweet back then in the mid 80′s.

He felt that he could make a good living in his new adopted country, Australia. He was excited, extremely excited.

He left behind all his heritage, family and friends, in fact everything he was familiar with for a new life in a strange land Down-Under.

The story of an immigrant to Australia

This is the story of many a migrant, the sacrifice they all make for something better.

Working hard, putting in 20 hour shifts in the early years was not uncommon for Claude. He soon realized that working for a boss was not the answer to getting rich.

He had a young bride back then who wanted the best of everything. Claude felt sad when he could not satisfy her needs and his pride was hurt many a time. he wanted to provide more for his family.

How Claude became the talk of the town in 1986

He learn’t the ropes of small business as fast as he could and in 18 months started a small hole in the wall eating house, called Nataraja in the inner suburbs of Brisbane. This business still stands today, 26 years later as a testimonial of those times.

Soon this small family business was the talk of the town and he was able to expand and take over the hair dressing shop next door and double his seating capacity and increase his turnover.

With increased turnover came increased profits but in the months and years leading up to 2003 Claude realized increased profits came at a price in most small businesses.

The unseen hardships and sacrifices of small business

I did not know know where my life was heading to back then

In the 20 years following his entry in to business he was just able to have four short holidays and interestingly the longest was 10 days long. He soon found out that most small business owners had the same story to tell.

He did not have quality time for his young family and was always tired and had no energy to be part of all the fun the family got into. He was trapped in his own den.

He did not know how to escape as he just knew one thing back then- cooking and running an eating house. The outside world was frightening. he did not feel comfortable leaving his comfort zone.

Little did he know back then that things were soon to change for him and he would be exposed to unimaginable experiences both good and bad to make him a more rounded and better person that he is today.

Read on…

Late in 2003 he was exposed to how to create income through leverage. This exposure came by accident or rather because he had trained his mind to accept new information. People do not get lucky by accident. They have studied what makes things happen and see opportunities come by. There is no such thing as luck. Its your preparedness to the surroundings that causes you to be open minded. Otherwise opportunities just pass you by.

That’s what happened to Claude in 2003.

The first examples were through stocks and shares and option trading in 2001. The training he received was inexpensive and priceless as he now learn’t there were many ways to skin a cat. In other words he learn’t that he could make a living outside of cooking, whow! His blinds were off, he could now see.

He then went on to read books on real estate and found out how money could be made in buying and selling houses. he attended seminars to further his knowledge. he wanted to change and was willing to pay the price to gain knowledge to change his destiny.

Why did Claude take so long to learn all this. Remember he was now in his late 30′s when it all became known to him. he was in a difficult time of his life, getting older is not easy to make big changes in one’s life.

Firstly he was from a working class family. Both his father and mother were hard working employees and taught their 7 children to be hard working respectful workers instead of teaching them to work outside the square.

So what did happen in the late 90′s that made Claude open his eyes?

Let me tell you his story…

Some of you may have been through a financial set back, lost a business venture, been through a marriage breakup or even lost their job and suddenly everything caved in and you had no way to escape.

You probably lost your family, primary home or even your job.

That’s what happend to Claude way back in 1997. Firstly he lost his marriage and that was the most severe blow he has ever felt in his life. It was like there was no oxygen left in his lungs. Th pain was immense. How many of you have been in that state before?

Insight in Claude’s family!

To add to that huge problem, the business he was in was in financial trouble and that problem escalated more so due to the marriage breakup, leaving a huge debt that was threatening the family home.

Have you ever lost your home due to a business set back. It’s not a good thing!

Most people may have crawled into a hole and cried and felt pity for themselves and anger for the whole world. Yes Claude did cry but he did not feel sorry for himself nor did he pour anger on his former wife.

Firstly he went forth to settled all debts owed by him caused by the business downturn so that his former wife would not be troubled with any bad debts.

He managed to not declare bankruptcy and was able to settle all his debts with 2 years.

Now he realized being free from debt he could start to rebuild his life. he started to look for ways to do things differently so taht he would not make the same mistakes he made in the 80′s and 90′s.

He met his loving wife in 1999

In the late 90′s as the dust started to settle on all his problems he met a beautiful lady called Vicki, whom he married a few years later. Vicki has brought strength and happiness to Claude’s life and its been 12 years of bliss that Claude has had being with his new life partner.

So in 2003 with all behind him and a happy life ahead Claude was looking for a way to live life to the fullest.

By now Claude knew what he wanted…

He wanted to be able to work from home, yet not be restricted from the potential of making more money. He was looking for the “Perfect Business” model.

A home based business model that could give him time freedom yet he could have a good life style. A business with low inventory start up cost, low over heads and the potential to have un-limited income.

He started to look at Global business trends and companies with sure trends. He narrowed down his search to a hand full of companies until one of them was his final choice.

In 2003 he was introduced to such a business model and in 2004 sold his last traditional business, an Indian restaurant called Salaam Bombay, in Brisbane, and hung up his cooking boots for good.

Today Claude is still with the same company he joined way back in 2003, sharing the benefits of the Perfect Business with people whom he comes in contact with.

If your life is at cross roads and you do not know where to turn, just ask Claude for some advice as i am sure he would love to share some ideas with you.

He has listed his contact details below or you may contact him either by email found on this page or by text message.